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Review from Richard E. Boyatzis, Ph.D.


“It is Nomusa’s Zikhali’s infectious humor, passion for educating the children and involving their parents, and unflagging persistence in the face of adversities large and small that makes her one of the rare few educational leaders (or leaders of any organization) in the world. She inspires learning, collaboration and hope. In a small way, I could bring her story to the world as the opening example of leading being a resonant leader and using emotional intelligence on the chapters on Hope in my Resonant Leadership book.”


Richard E. Boyatzis, Distinguished University Professor, Case Western Reserve University. A scholar and co-author o the international beast seller Primal Leadership and Resonant Leadership and the forthcoming book Helping People Change. 

Nomusa’s story is well told hearing from her, students, teachers and parents of the community in the brilliant documentary, Under Four Trees.


Richard E. Boyatzis, Ph.D.

Richard E. Boyatzis, Ph.D.

Distinguished University Professor

Professor, Departments of Organizational Behavior, Psychology, and Cognitive Science

H.R. Horvitz Chair of Family Business

Case Western Reserve University

An article published on "LINK" from the University of California Office of the President

“It has been a very long journey to get our documentary film Under Four Trees about a rural South African school and its founding principal to public television.


I am excited that the University of California Office of the President "LINK", the web newsletter, has published this article on the film".


- Suzanne Cross

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