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Nkomo Primary School

The story of the Nkomo School, is a story of perseverance, love, and community support.

Nomusa Zikhali says it was HOPE that drove her to a Dream of founding the school. Mrs. Zikhali and her educators are driven by the school’s shared vision “to develop the full potential of every learner.”

Mrs. Zikhali started the school in 1998 with 60 children and soon engaged Dorah, as a volunteer. The school started in a hard to reach area where Mrs. Zikhali had to walk 10 km per day and cross a dangerous river in a handmade boat taking multiple trips with 35 children to reach the school's location.

Nkomo Mrs Z w_kids at Sign.JPG

In 1999, the Zulu community agreed to move the school to a new site. There were no buildings, only four trees. Today there are over 960 children and 19 classrooms.


Her inspirational leadership now mentors educators and impacts thousands of children in the northern KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa. She began with only herself and her trust in the transformative power of education. Her goals are universal goals: to believe in yourself and your purpose will facilitate desirable change.

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